For every story that tells of the need of the vulnerable people living in the poor, desolate conditions in Honduras, there are five stories of lives that have been made better by your commitment.

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CHHF | It’s Time to #UNSELFIE

It’s time to become part of the Global Giving Movement! Print out your #UNSELFIE poster, fill it in, and post to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter using the hashtags #unselfie & #chhfmissions on Dec. 1. Show the world why you care about our Honduran neighbors! Click here for instructions and the poster.


CHHF | Give a Gift from the Heart

We want to offer you an opportunity to share your commitment to the mission with those you love. By donating today, you can send your loved ones a greeting card showing your support of Carolina Honduras Health Foundation. This gift from the heart will support telemedicine and provide food for hungry families in Honduras. Find out how here…


CHHF | November 1, 2020 Team Travel Update

Adhering to the State Department, US Embassy, and World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations, the CHHF board of directors has postponed in-person mission trips through April 2021. The board will continue to review the suggestions and the availability of a vaccine and make any necessary changes. Read more…


CHHF | Taylor Rowe Shares Growing Up Doing Mission Work

One major aspect of my life which has shaped who I am today is medical mission trips. Over the past 8 years, I have made it a priority to go on at least one medical mission trip to Honduras. These trips have taught me more about the Lord, other cultures, and myself than I could have ever imagined.    Read more…


CHHF | Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program in Limón County

Being a teenager in a rural area of Honduras is not easy. There are many risk factors for teen pregnancy. Honduran teens have many challenges and assume responsibilities that they should not be dealing at that age. Students tend to stop attending school at early ages, too. Only 31.7% of teens between 15-17 years old…   Read more…


CHHF | Become a Minister of Healing

St. Francis said, “Preach the Gospel daily, use words if necessary.”  When you give a gift to the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation, you become a minister of healing.  Through your support, CHHF brings skills and knowledge, life-saving medications, relief of pain, hope, dignity and warm smiles…   Read more…


CHHF | July 13, 2020 Remainder of 2020 Teams Cancelled

After reviewing the rising number of cases of COVID-19 both in the US and Honduras as well as the ongoing travel restrictions in Honduras, the CHHF Board of Directors decided to suspend sending mission teams Read more…



CHHF | “Stay and be my papa.”

As I look back on the past 10 years of mission work in Limón, Honduras, I reflect on one of the most frequently asked questions, “Do you feel sorry for the people down there?“ Read more…



CHHF | Join us for a Zoom Lunch in Limón

Everyone in Limón misses you as much as you miss them. Take a few minutes on June 24th from 11am – noon ET to visit via Zoom! It certainly doesn’t make up for visiting in person, but hearing voices and seeing those smiles is so much fun. Click here to enter the Zoom Room on June 24th at 11am ET.



CHHF | Spring 2020 Newsletter

Read the spring newsletter to find more information on CHHF Telemedicine Pilot Program, how monthly donations have provided for Yan Carlos’ epilepsy medication even during the pandemic, CPR  training and more. Read more…



CHHF | Maintenance Medications Still Needed!

Since the pandemic began, teams have been unable to travel to Limón. This crisis was abrupt. We did not have time to arrange multiple months of medication for chronically ill patients nor did we anticipate medical referrals being postponed. This has created an issue and has the potential to be a major health crisis on its own. Read more…


CHHF | Travel to Honduras Halted; Upcoming Teams Cancelled

CHHF normally sends 19 medical mission teams to Honduras each year.  However, in 2020 only three early teams have been able to serve. All other teams through August have been cancelled.  In the summer, the CHHF Board will evaluate the situation and decided whether mission teams will return in the fall.   As soon as possible, two programs are underway.  Read more…


CHHF | Coronavirus in Honduras. Urgent Help Needed

A little over a week ago we contacted you for help. Unfortunately, times have become more desperate. Honduras has suffered their first cases of Coronavirus. The government immediately implemented a 7 day lock down across the country, which quickly turned into a two week lock down. Currently with 68 active cases of coronavirus and one death, it is likely this lock down will continue.

This pandemic has made it impossible for teams to travel to Honduras, delaying maintenance medication to many diabetic and hypertensive patients. Read more…


CHHF | Travel Recommendations UPDATED MARCH 14, 2020

The CDC has recommended an Alert Level 2 (maintain appropriate precautions) for travelers to Honduras. The Department of State has issued a Level 3 warning which  advises U.S. citizens to reconsider travel abroad (in general) at this time due to the global impact of COVID-19.With these recommendations in mind, CHHF will continue to support our teams that elect to go to Honduras. As of March 13, teams until late May have cancelled. We leave the decision to go (or not) to the individuals and team leader involved. We will continue to monitor the situation and update our website as appropriate.

Meanwhile, we are making alternative plans for delivering the lifesaving medications and medical care that are so severely needed in Honduras. Later this month a shipment of medicine for those who have diabetes and hypertension will leave Alabama and after arrival will be distributed by a Honduran doctor to patients in the areas served by CHHF. 

Each of you can continue your work to help and serve those in need through your donations today.  Coronavirus will be a temporary, but serious, issue and working together we can help alleviate the suffering.


CHHF | National Day of Prayer

Join the National Day of Prayer as we face this Coronavirus crisis together.

This week have been reminded we are in unprecedented times. While our world has struggled to find the right way to confront this pandemic, it’s also been united in efforts to contain the virus and prevent the spread. Today, on this National Day of Prayer, it’s important to recognize the power of prayer and show faith in the Lord to intervene on our behalf.

Uniting with our community is most important during uncertain times. Now is the time for everyone to be strong, courageous, selfless and caring. Know that Almighty God is with us. As His word instructs, we are to cast our anxieties on Him, because he cares for us (1Peter 5:7).

Please pray for those who are sick and their families. Pray for the medical professionals taking care of the infirmed and those working to find treatment and a vaccine. Pray for those who are living with fear and anxiety over the unknown future. Please pray for our leaders who work to make sound decisions for everyone involved.

Pray for everyone whose lives will be indirectly impacted by this pandemic. Lift our CHHF community up in prayer as we work to ensure the needs of our Honduran patients are met in the absence of medical mission teams.

Invite your friends and family to join us in prayer today and throughout the coming weeks.

May God bless you.   


CHHF | Urgent Coronavirus  Update

There are so many unknown factors surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t know how far or fast it will spread. We don’t know how long this crisis will last, or how many around the globe will truly be affected. We DO know the villages served by CHHF, even indirectly, will suffer.  Read more… 

CHHF | Travel Recommendations UPDATED MARCH 5, 2020

With the spread of the coronavirus to multiple countries, CHHF is sensitive to the concerns of individuals, family members and team leaders relative to the health and safety of our missioners.  We are staying abreast of this developing issue by listening closely to reliable sources and regularly reviewing travel recommendations from the CDC. 

 At present, there are no travel recommendations from the CDC relative to the coronavirus for Mexico, all of Central America and all of South America. 

With this in mind, CHHF will continue to send teams to Honduras unless those recommendations change.  Certainly, we would not want nor expect that this decision would override the concerns of individuals or even team leaders.  We will continue to monitor the situation as closely as possible and update our website as needed.


CHHF | Parasites Plague People in Honduras

My name is Gladis and I do community development for CHHF. I’d like to take a moment to tell you about my daughter Stacey’s health scare this winter. To read more, click here.



CHHF | Make a Tax-Free Gift from Your IRA

As Part of the “protecting Americans from Tax Act of 2015” (The “PATH Act”), each year, any person who is at least 70½ years of age may make direct charitable gifts of up to $100,000 from an IRA account without having to report that IRA distribution as taxable income on their federal income tax return. These annual IRA distributions are normally referred to as required minimum distributions (“RMD”). To read more about if you qualify click here.

For a copy of the IRA Plan Provider Letter click here.

CHHF | Watching a boy grow is important to David

This little boy has captured my heart and to me he is very special. I see a great change in him from I saw when he and his mom came into our clinic day to today……. Read More

CHHF | Gladis tells a mission story that touched her life

A week before I saw that little boy almost dying (and I can tell you that if we were not in the clinic that day he would be dead because nobody else was going to help that poor baby and family) and that day he came into my house saying…… Read More

CHHF | Read About Angela’s Experience Serving in Honduras

What started out as a “check” on my bucket list became on experience of a lifetime….. Read More

Hazmer being examined by Dr. BiasonCHHF | November 2019 Hazmer Needs Your Help

Young Hazmer needs heart surgery … again.  In February 2014, six-year-old Hazmer and his mother Marina came to our clinic where he was diagnosed with a holosystolic heart murmur.   The murmur was serious enough that the pediatrician told …… Read More

CHHF | September 2019 Newsletter


Simply stated, you are there when needed. People living in remote villages in Honduras cannot afford health care. They rely on your generosity to provide medications, vitamins, primary and sometimes emergency care, and medical referrals. They feel blessed to know you are a willing partner…… Read More

CHHF | July 2019 Newsletter


You may have seen recent articles about the political unrest. Canadian lawyer and journalist Dimitri Lascaris, who was in Honduras with a delegation of university academics, points out that under the current Honduran government spending on health care has plummeted. With nearly 70 percent of the people living in poverty, the country is now in a medical crisis…… Read More

CHHF | June 2019 Newsletter


Yeri is 24 years of age, unemployed and living with her elderly mother, also unemployed. She is trying to care for her mother and her two children; Anitza (2 months) and Alvarez (4 years). Your donations have enabled Yeri to receive needed medicine and food for the children……. Read More

CHHF | May 2019 Presidents Letter

You are the reason Nelson and his doctor are smiling. Your act of kindness allowed his mother, thousands of miles away, the peace of mind that her ill child would receive the life-saving medication he needed. Through your support Nelson is now well and happy. Words cannot express how grateful I am for you and for what you do. Thank you very much…… Read More

CHHF | April 2019 Respiratory Issues in Honduras

Having a difficult time catching your breath is scary. Watching your child have a tough time breathing is gut wrenching. More than ever patients, especially children, are coming to our clinic needing treatments for respiratory issues. Asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia are life-threatening if the patient doesn’t get the medicine they need in time…… Read More

CHHF | March 2019 Presidents Letter

Last fall 44-year-old Maria came with 6 in her family to our remote clinic in Rio Miel, hoping against hope for medical care otherwise unavailable. Maria is poor and could not afford the bus fare to take the 6 children, ages 2 to 12, to the city for a doctor’s appointment, the payment for the doctor, or the cost of needed medicines….. Read More

CHHF | February 2019 Javier Needs Your Help!

Javier’s mother felt hopeless when she brought her baby to the clinic in Limón. Javier, the youngest of 8 children, has cerebral palsy. His mother had been told by others that nothing could be done. ….Read More

CHHF | November 2018 Help Darwin Play Soccer

Darwin is eight years old. He has a chronic, life-long illness called Sickle Cell Anemia. The disease is painful and life-threatening without medication and monitoring by specialists. Without medication, Darwin gets so tired he cannot play soccer—his favorite sport….Read More

CHHF | October 2018 Newsletter

Maria didn’t have the money to pay for her medication. She tried to keep her blood pressure in check by drinking herbal tea and trying other natural remedies. Through your generosity she now has her life saving medicine…Read More

CHHF | Patients must be given a 100-day supply of medicine as clinic closes during rainy season

Many people desperately need a supply of their medication that will last them during the time the clinic is closed. People rely on the Limon clinic for their medical care, especially those with high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients need to take their medicine every single day…Read More

CHHF | July 2018 Presidents Letter

10-month-old Aynara weighed just 8 pounds when her mom brought her to the clinic last March. She was severely malnourished, and her mom was terrified. One nurse commented that this was one of the most severe cases of malnourishment she had ever seen!…Read More

CHHF | June 5 Letter – $7 can save a life!

During the summer in Honduras, the heat is unbearable. Many people are out working in the fields all day. Children are running and playing under the hot sun. People in the rural villages in Honduras don’t always have enough clean water to stay hydrated…Read More

CHHF | April 5th Letter – 24 cents can save a life

Sesley and her mother walked to the clinic. When they arrived, Sesley was so weak and dehydrated that she collapsed. She was vomiting because parasites had blocked her small intestine. Our clinic could not treat this problem; an IV was initiated and soon she was sent by ambulance to the hospital…Read More

CHHF | April 2018 Newsletter

Five-year-old Jesser was brought to the clinic by his mother on the 8th of March. He was having uncontrollable seizures. Jesser’s mom had run out of his seizure medication and was unable to afford more. Jesser had gone without his medication for nearly a month…Read More

CHHF | February 2018 Presidents Letter

Did you know that last year over 12,000 people came to our clinics and took the first step towards restoring their health and recovering from illness or injury? That is 12,000 people who were able to go back to work providing for their families, caring for their kids, or kids that were able to continue their education – sometimes walking many miles to get the help they need…Read More

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Your Charitable Donation Saves Lives

I am grateful for the care that CHHF takes of the teams. The new porch fans, the new rocking chairs, the consistently hot showers are luxuries that are so wonderful at the end of a long day’s work. I think we made a big difference in one of my patients’ lives. She presented with deep bruising under her eyes and I became concerned. I asked Susan to see her, and we found that she had been falling at least once a month. On further questioning, she admitted to having seizures and the dose of her seizure med had never been changed. We were able to add another medication to help bring the seizures under better control. That was a good feeling, to have helped her.



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