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Since 1995 CHHF has been providing medical, dental and ophthalmic care for the poor in Honduras.

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CHHF | November 2018 Newsletter

Darwin is eight years old. He has a chronic, life-long illness called Sickle Cell Anemia. The disease is painful and life-threatening without medication and monitoring by specialists. Without medication, Darwin gets so tired he cannot play soccer—his favorite sport….Read More

CHHF | October 2018 Newsletter

Maria didn’t have the money to pay for her medication. She tried to keep her blood pressure in check by drinking herbal tea and trying other natural remedies. Through your generosity she now has her life saving medicine…Read More

CHHF | Patients must be given a 100-day supply of medicine as clinic closes during rainy season

Many people desperately need a supply of their medication that will last them during the time the clinic is closed. People rely on the Limon clinic for their medical care, especially those with high blood pressure and diabetes. Patients need to take their medicine every single day…Read More

CHHF | July 2018 Presidents Letter

10-month-old Aynara weighed just 8 pounds when her mom brought her to the clinic last March. She was severely malnourished, and her mom was terrified. One nurse commented that this was one of the most severe cases of malnourishment she had ever seen!…Read More

CHHF | June 5 Letter – $7 can save a life!

During the summer in Honduras, the heat is unbearable. Many people are out working in the fields all day. Children are running and playing under the hot sun. People in the rural villages in Honduras don’t always have enough clean water to stay hydrated…Read More

CHHF | April 5th Letter – 24 cents can save a life

Sesley and her mother walked to the clinic. When they arrived, Sesley was so weak and dehydrated that she collapsed. She was vomiting because parasites had blocked her small intestine. Our clinic could not treat this problem; an IV was initiated and soon she was sent by ambulance to the hospital…Read More

CHHF | April 2018 Newsletter

Five-year-old Jesser was brought to the clinic by his mother on the 8th of March. He was having uncontrollable seizures. Jesser’s mom had run out of his seizure medication and was unable to afford more. Jesser had gone without his medication for nearly a month…Read More

CHHF | February 2018 Presidents Letter

Did you know that last year over 12,000 people came to our clinics and took the first step towards restoring their health and recovering from illness or injury? That is 12,000 people who were able to go back to work providing for their families, caring for their kids, or kids that were able to continue their education – sometimes walking many miles to get the help they need…Read More

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Our volunteers pay for their own travel and shared team expenses on mission trips.  Your donations help maintain the facilities and equipment and fund other programs in Honduras: Education Program, Recycling Program, Community Development, and the Patient Medical Referral Program.

I am grateful for the care that CHHF takes of the teams. The new porch fans, the new rocking chairs, the consistently hot showers are luxuries that are so wonderful at the end of a long day’s work. I think we made a big difference in one of my patients’ lives. She presented with deep bruising under her eyes and I became concerned. I asked Susan to see her, and we found that she had been falling at least once a month. On further questioning, she admitted to having seizures and the dose of her seizure med had never been changed. We were able to add another medication to help bring the seizures under better control. That was a good feeling, to have helped her.



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