Important Information

The following documents provide the latest information for Team Leaders to plan your trip to Honduras.


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What a trip. I’m filled with so many emotions, and I’m honestly so grateful I was able to have this amazing experience with such a caring and compassionate group of people. I gained more from this medical mission trip than I could’ve ever imagined, and I’m blessed that I’m able to call you all my friends. Working alongside such a dedicated group of pharmacists, physicians, APPs, nurses, and other hardworking individuals to provide medical care to those in need is an extremely gratifying feeling, and I  hope our impact on the patients’ resonates for the months to come. The patient population of Honduras is overall so kind/appreciative, and I will never forget the meaningful  interactions (even if my Spanish is pretty atrocious). Honduras was also one of the most, if not the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited.



Trip and Medical Insurance

​There are a number of companies which will provide travel and medical insurance for mission teams.  Below are some possible contacts.  If you use a different insurer we will be pleased to include them in the list for other teams to consider.  CHHF does not recommend any company, but we do require that your team take medical, medical evacuation, and travel insurance for all mission travel.

Forms for Team Leaders

The following Planning Document is an Excel spreadsheet for compiling information on the Team Reservation Form, for determining budget, for completing the Delta waiver, and for requesting Gallagher insurance. Entering the data on the Team Reservation form will automatically populate other worksheets. The Team Reservation form should be sent to the Team Coordinator Peggy Hook six weeks prior to arrival date in Honduras. Payment fees should be sent to CHHF at P.O. Box 528, Barnwell, SC 29812-0528.

The following forms are needed while serving at the clinic.

  • Patient Exam Record– A minimum of 800 will be needed for one week at the clinic.
  • Prescription Sheet– Excel document.  May be used at the discretion of the team leader for doctors to order prescriptions from the pharmacy at the clinic.  A minimum of 800 will be needed.
  • Sample Prescription Labels– Word document.
  • Lab Record– None needed in 2019.  They are at the clinic.
  • Medical Referral Form– Print 10-20 copies.​
  • Pharmacy Needs and Overstock List – Excel document This form is to be completed by the pharmacist or team leader on the final day in Limón.  Send to Team Coordinator within 24 hours after returning home.
  • Laboratory Inventory – This form is to be completed by Team Leader or Lab Tech on final day in Limón.  Send to Team Coordinator within 24 hours after returning home.​
  • Accident Report– If you have an accident or damage the vehicles or building, please complete this form and return no later than 24 hours after returning home.​
  • Final Mission Report– This report should be submitted within one week after returning home.

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