CHHF is supported completely through the generosity of volunteers and supporters like you. Donations to CHHF provide health care services for the poor and needy in Honduras. Donations are NOT used to pay the expenses of any individual or team going to Honduras.

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​The Carolina Honduras Health Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that meets the US tax code for a charitable organization.  Contributions support the provision of needed medical care to Honduran families who would not have access to regular health care without donations and the commitment of volunteers.  Your support operates ongoing programs for medical referral, community development, education, and to maintain our facilities. CHHF is supported completely through the generosity of volunteers and supporters like you.  Donations to CHHF are not used to pay the expenses of any individual or team going to Honduras.

CHHF is recognized by Guide Star as having achieved the Gold Seal of Transparency.  Guide Star is an internationally recognized source of non-profit information.  The CHHF Guide Star Profile is available by clicking above on the Gold Star Seal of Transparency.

Cash Contributions:  Your financial contribution will be gratefully appreciated and will provide medical care to patients in Honduras.  You may either send a check directly to the Foundation at the address below

​Carolina Honduras Health Foundation
P. O. Box 528
Barnwell,  SC 29812-0528

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On behalf of the many who serve in Honduras, we want to thank you for your support in helping provide health care to families in Honduras and for keeping this mission in your prayers.

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Your Charitable Donation Saves Lives

Several of us went to the orphanage sunday after work with school supplies, music CDs, children’s underwear (more than 150 pairs) and soccer balls. The big hit were the soccer balls. Boys and girls played with them. Kent and Mario joined in. Mary Ellen had a packet of letters in Spanish from a school in Morgantown that had donated some of the stuff. She gave the letters to Suyapa and asked her to organize some children to write back and have the letters ready when we returned Wednesday. On Wednesday PM Suyapa had a packet of 11 precious, decorated letters to take back. We returned with drinks and brownies for the children on Wed. They all sat down at tables and enjoyed their treats. Mario helped us line up the children to receive their gifts. Small ones: bag with rubber duck, suckers and larger bags with pencils and erasers, sharpeners, candy, suckers, toothbrush and hard candy pieces and a little stuffed toy. They were delighted. Many were seen walking around clutching their bag as if it were a bag of gold.



Carolina Honduras Health Foundation is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and qualifies for the maximum charitable contribution deduction by donors.
Our Federal Identification Number is 57-1023037. Main Address: PO Box 528, Barnwell, SC 29812, USA.