Education to Break Cycle of Poverty

Providing Educational Opportunities for Selected Students

Through your donations scholarships are provided to high-achieving and motivated students to attend high school or to advance education at a university or vocational school.

Carolina Honduras Health Foundation

Scholarship Program

In order to help break the cycle of poverty that plagues the poor in Honduras, education has been an integral part of the work of CHHF since its beginning. In the 1990s the Barnwell United Methodist Church began a Pennies for Education drive to ensure the poor could obtain the needed uniforms and school supplies to attend public school. Through this humble beginning, the program has grown significantly. With the support of generous donors, CHHF continues to award scholarships to several students to attend private high school and the university.

Suyapa and Ingrid, two young women from the Comunión H Orphanage in Limón, are now attending Centro Educativo Adventista Ceibeno. Living at the mission home Shalom, Ingrid and Suyapa will complete their final two years of high school in 2019. Both are motivated students who are appreciative of the scholarships offered through generous donors in the US.

Roseyli is a success story showing the positive benefits of the education program. Having grown up in the Comunión H Orphanage, Roseyli completed her high school education in La Ceiba. She then obtained employment in Tocoa and has been attending Universidad Cristiana Evangélica Nuevo Milenio to complete a degree in psychology. Her goal is to become a Social Worker. Roseyli pays much of her expenses; CHHF provides for her university expenses when needed.


Katia, Milagro, and Bessy, three sisters from Limóncita, are attending high school in Carbonales on weekends through an education scholarship from generous donors. Bessy and Katia will graduate in December 2018. Milagro will graduate in 2020.


Maribel, another young woman form the Comunión H Orphanage, is now attending the Honduran Leadership Center under full scholarship from that school. CHHF provides for her living expenses. After completing her first year at this university, she is now fluent in English and interprets at the clinic during her vacations. Maribel hopes to be a businesswoman when she completes her education.


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