Hornillas Can Save Lives!

In much of the developing world, meals are cooked over open fires which is a major cause of respiratory problems.

There is a solution – you can help improve Air Quality through building hornillas, smokeless stoves with chimneys.

Smoke causes Respiratory Issues

Weather forecasters here give us air quality reports each day. Yet in remote villages in Honduras where electricity may or may not be available or even affordable, most homes have an open fired stove for cooking. Flames and smoke permeate the home contributing to respiratory issues including asthma and chronic bronchitis. Daily cooking is a necessity, and now is the time to make that process safer for families in the community.

The Solution

CHHF is partnering with members of the Limón Community Leadership Team to develop a systematic approach to begin building hornillas in homes which currently have open fired, ventilated stoves.

Committee members and students from Abel Gonzales Caballero High School in Limón sampled the community and determined both the need and the desire. Every household knew the dangers of cooking without ventilation, but none of them had the resources for improvement.

The decision was made by the Community Leadership that the women will work together in teams of 10 to build the stove in each house, moving from one to the next until homes have safe cooking stoves. With a chimney, these stoves will remove the cooking smoke from the house, taking it away from the family thereby helping to improve health in the community.

The goal is to work with two groups of 10 families to complete 20 stoves by the end of 2019.

The community leaders and family members are “all in” to provide the labor. The next step in the process is to secure funding for the purchase of the materials. Interested in helping? Make a donation today!

Your Charitable Donation Saves Lives

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