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Medical, Dental, and Ophthalmic Care

Most volunteer teams offer primarily medical care.  However, a few will include dentists and ophthalmologists.  Often patients walk hours in order to obtain needed medical care. Since 1997 up to 19 volunteer teams each year come to our clinics where they provide basic medical, dental and ophthalmic care.


Over the years CHHF has learned that the limited education of the impoverished in Honduras frequently means they do not understand health issues and rarely know how to advocate for themselves to obtain medical services from the government. They also lack the financial resources to travel to major cities to obtain needed medical care.

In years past patients who required care beyond the capability of these volunteer teams were sent to the government hospitals for treatment. However, there patients were often turned away when they could not pay for the lab work or the specialized exams. They were also required to bring their medicines and surgical supplies as hospitals did not have the basic supplies needed to provide care.

Government services today have yet to improve.

Medical Referral Program

Thus, CHHF Board of Directors took a leap of faith and began a Medical Referral Program in 2014. The goal of this program is to ensure that patients receive the medical, dental and ophthalmic care they need. 

In some cases, the medical care is donated by medical mission teams from the US who volunteer at hospitals in the major cities. Often patients cannot afford the cost of transportation to the city where the team is working. At times in the Honduran hospital system, specialized medical care is provided after the patient pays for necessary medical tests. Thus, travel funds may be provided to the patient and CHHF will arrange payment for specialists or specific medical testing.

Through your support, referrals for many medical conditions not treatable though our clinic are made. Active cases currently awaiting treatment include general surgery, neurology, urology, and cataract surgery. 

Your Donation Saves Lives

Our volunteers pay for their own travel and shared team expenses to include medicines needed to treat the patients.  Your donations help maintain the facilities and equipment and fund other programs in Honduras: Education Program, Recycling Program, Community Development, and the Medical Referral Program.

Your Charitable Donation Saves Lives

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