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Dental Care In Honduras

We provide much needed dental care where none is readily available.

When a dentist is volunteering at any of our clinics, long lines will form early in the morning for services that are frequently unavailable.  Dental care is generally not available in the areas served by CHHF.  Patients must travel long distances to find dentists in larger towns.  Most people do not have the financial resources to pay for such services. 

CHHF Dental Care Clinics

The main clinic in Limón and the Whispering Hope clinic in Chapagua both offer dental care when dentists are serving on a volunteer team.  Originally only extractions were available, but today patients are being provided more services to include dental hygiene and fillings.

Support Dental Care In Honduras

You can help by making a donation towards maintaining our dental facilities and equipment in Honduras so that we can continue providing care for those in need. You could also assist in our efforts by joining our dental volunteer team on a mission trip and directly providing dental care.

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Your Charitable Donation Saves Lives

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