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Ophthalmic Care

CHHF provides eye care where desperately needed in Honduras

Vision care is a significant need as most people in the area do not have access to ophthalmic care nor do they have the financial resources to pay for such services.  Damage from the bright sun of Central America includes cataracts, degeneration of the retina, and pterygium (an overgrowth on the clear covering of the eye).  Loss of clear vision is common.

CHHF Eye Care Missions

Reading Glasses  

Most teams provide and fit patients with reading glasses.  These glasses are donated by various charities including Lions Club and AmeriCares.

In addition CHHF offers educational scholarships to help a limited number of children complete their high school and vocational or university education.

Ophthalmic Care  

Volunteer teams which include an optometrist offer eye exams, ocular disease evaluation and management (glaucoma, infection, allergy, diabetic retinopathy, injuries, etc.), and prescription eyeglasses.

Although most patients can be fit with prescription glasses from the clinic stock, some must be custom made in the States and shipped back with a subsequent team.  Several team volunteers have been trained to dispense eyeglasses and assess for cataracts, pterygium and infection using the Eye Doc in a Box system.  Refurbished prescription glasses, sized and packaged for reuse, are provided by the Lions Club and other nonprofits. 

When cataracts or pterygium are diagnosed, a surgical referral is made.

Ophthalmic Surgical Care  

Each year a large number of patients need to be seen at an ophthalmology clinic for cataract or pterygium surgery.  Usually there is a waiting list of at least 12 people seeking a referral.   In emergency, these patients can be sent to a clinic in La Ceiba or El Progresso for treatment with charge.   Or the Medical Referral Program will schedule treatment with the team of Honduras Eye and Life Program (HELP) which holds surgical clinics once a year without charge for the surgery.

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