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Working together to improve health in the Dept. of Colón, Honduras 

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We Work Together To Improve Community Health


Continuity of Care Is Vital

Felix was only 12 when he visited a Mission Team clinic in Limón in 2019 with a 3" mass on his neck. The provider was concerned & wrote a medical referral for a CT scan to determine the mass.Medical testing takes much longer in Honduras, but two months later, the CT scan was completed. A Mission Team provider in early 2020 consulted with a Honduran doctor. They were still concerned & requested another medical referral for a biopsy. But then Felix's care was interrupted by the pandemic. He & his family lived in fear for a year before Felix was seen again in February 2021, this time by a doctor using Telemedicine! Unfortunately, the mass seemed to have grown, & so did the concern for Felix's health. The medical referral for the biopsy able to be done in the spring. A Honduran specialist provided by the medical referral program gave the good news - Felix's mass was not cancer! What a relief!

Different avenues of care, working together,
provided great news for one young boy.

You are Needed

"I was so desperate at the hospital seeing my son Nelson almost dying
and without hope. We did not have money to buy the medicine that he
needed and every second counted. But I trusted God and knew He would
provide. Then CHHF started helping us and we know they were sent by God.”

- Maricela A., mother of a patient

Communities we serve have little to no healthcare

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 48% of the country lives in poverty.
The minimum wage is 92 cents per hour, and many people do not work full-time. Those living in the
rural areas in the Dept. of Colón live on much less. Most do not have money for food, let alone medical care.

In a typical year, nearly 11,000 medical, dental, & vision care visits occurred throughout the Dept. of Colón. Patients come to our clinics to restore their health and recover from illness or injury. The care they receive is free, as are the medications provided.

Thousands of people can go back to work providing for their families and caring for their children because of our team's care. Thousands of children can grow healthy and strong, continue their education, & learn the importance of health because our team was available.


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