In-Country Mission Teams Providing Medical, Dental, Ophthalmic, & Pharmaceutical Care

Since 1995, CHHF has sent volunteer mission teams to serve in the Dept. of Colón, Honduras. The organization is well established & has great trust in the community. Mission teams are provided completed furnished & secure living facilities on the Caribbean beachfront. Accommodations include housekeeping, local cooks, daily housekeeping, and laundry services. With a fleet of vehicles, teams are also provided all ground transportation in Honduras with experienced local drivers. During a mission week, a team will run 4 to 5 clinics in several remote villages and within the CHHF clinic facilities. 

Mission Teams include:
- Physicians, PAs, NPs
- Nurses and EMTs
- Dentists, Dental Assistants & Hygienists
- Ophthalmologists & Optometrists
- Pharmacists & Pharmacy Techs
- Laboratory Technicians
- Medical Interpreters
- Non-Medical Volunteers to assist in all clinics areas


Telemedicine Services Providing Care When Teams Cannot Travel

There are times when in-country teams are unable to travel. During the rainy season, political unrest, and most recently, the pandemic. The need for medical care does not stop during these times, in fact, it is often more important.

CHHF, in partnership with Novant Health, utilizes blue-tooth equipment. This allows providers in the United States the ability to perform thorough exams to best treat patients in Honduras.

During Telemed sessions, a fully-stocked pharmacy is maintained and overseen by a pharmacist in the United States.

Providers & pharmacists are encouraged to sign-up as available. There are no time requirements. Providers can take as many shifts per month as available. 

Medical Referrals Specialty Care

Continuity of care is vital to our efforts to improve community health in the Dept. of Colón. Our Medical Referral Team arranges for the treatment needed either with Honduran doctors or through other charities’ medical teams coming elsewhere in Honduras for patients requiring specialized care. When patients do not have the needed funds, CHHF will pay the expenses, including transportation and lodging, as most care requires travel.


Your Donation Improves Lives

Araceli's family has been devastated by the job loss caused by the pandemic. Money is scarce, and so is food.“One day, my toddler came to me, begging for food. I knew we did not have enough for everyone that day,” Araceli recalls. “But she was crying, so I gave her the little tortilla mixed with bean soup we had left.” Her 7-year-old son asked for food shortly after. With tears in her eyes, she only had to whisper, “entiendes” meaning, you understand. The only food she had was just fed to the baby. The boy would go without. Your gift today could provide food for a family who has to choose which child eats each day.