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Loaves & Fishes

By pwsadmin | Sep 21, 2023

A Journey to Peace in Hondurasby Diane Gohsman Have you ever prayed about finding real peace? Would you be surprised if I told you it could be found from a half-day flight to Honduras, navigating customs in a foreign language without air conditioning, and no doctors on your mission medical team? Surrendering all that is…

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5 Great Things – September 2023

By pwsadmin | Sep 20, 2023

Do you have a minute?   We’d love to share 5 great things that have happened over the last month….. The Porch Project is Completed! We cannot thank the Maintenance Team enough! Led by David Hendon, the team arrived on a Sunday and started working immediately. Because of their hard work and your financial support, the…

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An Accidental Medical Holiday: The Beginning of a Passion to Care for those in Honduras

By pwsadmin | Aug 24, 2023

by Dr. Jeremy Selley Reprinted with permission from Dr. Selley and The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP). View the original article published in The Pulse, Summer 2023 by clicking here. ED providers are so alike. We work very hard taking care of too many patients. We often spend more time coordinating social non-emergent…

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5 Great Things – August 2023

By pwsadmin | Aug 15, 2023

Do you have a minute?   We’d love to share 5 great things that have happened over the last month….. Please welcome our newest team member…… Our sweet girl joined the team on August12th and has her mama, Reina, hopping every since. She is healthy and happy – and very, very cheeky!!! Her mom has already…

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Spring 2023 Newsletter

By pwsadmin | Jul 27, 2023

We missed spring a little, but you can catch up with all the great impact the mission is having by clicking here: Click here to read the newsletter

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That Porch!

By pwsadmin | Jul 27, 2023

It feels like home, doesn’t it?  You know what I mean. After two long days of travel, you climb the stairs, step on that porch, and it feels like home! It’s a feeling every mission team member remembers.  BUT THE PORCH IS IN DESPARATE NEED OF REPAIR, AND WE NEED YOU NOW.  Hundreds of team…

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5 Great Things ~ July

By pwsadmin | Jul 15, 2023

Do you have a minute?   We’d love to share 5 great things that have happened over the last month….. Friendship knows no bounds Sometimes you just “click” and make lifelong friends with people on mission trips. It happens with our staff and team members, too! Last month our nurse Shanaya had the opportunity to spend…

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Heartbeats from Honduras – June Enews

By pwsadmin | Jun 30, 2023

Is it really the end of June? Has this year gone by at warp speed for you? It certainly has for CHHF. It has been nonstop activity in the clinics this year. Most importantly, having completed 10 mission teams and 6 months of telemed, we have provided….drumroll please…… 5,235 primary care visits for patients in…

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Volunteer medical missions connect WVU with rural Honduras

By pwsadmin | Jun 15, 2023

WVU School of Nursing published a wonderful article and have generously allowed us to share it. To view the article on their website, please click here. June 1, 2023 From a young age, Emily Barnes has had a strong sense of purpose and adventure. Now she is able to combine her passions as a faculty member in…

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