Mission News from Honduras

Xiomara Dreams of Running…

By pwsadmin | Nov 20, 2023

Xiomara and her family live in the little village of Feo. Despite its name, the tiny village of almost 600 people is beautiful. But it is remote, and there is little access to medical care. When she and her mother, Sulma, arrived at the mission clinic last September, they were hopeful for care for the…

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A Dream Come True

By pwsadmin | Nov 2, 2023

Katerin P., age 11, is one of five patients you helped send to Tegucigalpa to receive help from Operation Rainbow, the annual orthopedic mission. Katerin has suffered with a club foot her entire life. She dreams of being able to walk like other children. Her mom knew they would never be able to afford the surgery to…

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Two ladies doctor sitting together in an empty room

Building Relationships for Better Patient Outcomes

By pwsadmin | Nov 2, 2023

The Medical Referral Program relies heavily on building relationships with medical care providers throughout Honduras. There is a lot of return on our investent because relationships built improve health outcomes for patients in our villages. As you know, healthcare in Honduras moves slowly. It can take months or even a year for a patient to…

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Your Help Give Lifelong Relief

By pwsadmin | Oct 31, 2023

Early one morning, Eris and his mother, Yolibeth, left their village far into the mountains. They would journey further than he had ever gone before. After traveling over 6 hours, they arrived at the hospital in Trujillo. Never having been to a city, this 4-year-old was nervous! His nerves turned to fear when he was…

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5 great things poster with October date poster and a white background

5 Great Things – October 2023

By pwsadmin | Oct 25, 2023

Do you have a minute? We’d love to share 5 great things that have happened over the last month….. Welcome Baby Samuel! Our interpreter Jessie is happy to announce the birth of baby Samuel! He was quite early, but he weighed in at 5 lbs. and is growing strong and healthy! We are grateful for…

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Watch Edwin Build

By pwsadmin | Oct 2, 2023

Take a look at Edwin building his new PET! With your help, he will be able to stand on his own two feet soon….. Click here to make sure Edwin and others like him can one day walk on their own two feet.

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A small boy playing with a scooter in an empty room

Ortho Patients Need You

By pwsadmin | Sep 30, 2023

After a couple years we have finally been able to schedule time with Operation Rainbow to see 6 of our patients with orthopedic needs! Four children and two adults have been waiting so long for help. Their issues differ a little, but each one suffers because of their medical problem.  One patient in desperate need is Edwin…

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Photo of the team

Loaves & Fishes

By pwsadmin | Sep 21, 2023

A Journey to Peace in Hondurasby Diane Gohsman Have you ever prayed about finding real peace? Would you be surprised if I told you it could be found from a half-day flight to Honduras, navigating customs in a foreign language without air conditioning, and no doctors on your mission medical team? Surrendering all that is…

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5 Great Things September 2023 Poster with a white background

5 Great Things – September 2023

By pwsadmin | Sep 20, 2023

Do you have a minute?   We’d love to share 5 great things that have happened over the last month….. The Porch Project is Completed! We cannot thank the Maintenance Team enough! Led by David Hendon, the team arrived on a Sunday and started working immediately. Because of their hard work and your financial support, the…

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