Yan Carlos Relies on Your Compassion

Soon to celebrate his 16th birthday, Yan Carlos has battled a seizure disorder since he was just 8 months old. He is blind and deaf, dependent on his mother’s constant care.

Mary Magdalena, his mother, brought Yan Carlos to a CHHF clinic five years ago, having exhausted all local medical options. Despite years of toil and sacrifices, their resources were depleted, leaving them unable to afford Yan Carlos‘ crucial seizure medication.

Mary Magdalena‘s journey to our clinic, carrying her child for miles, praying for aid with each step, speaks volumes about the desperation faced by families like hers. It is your unwavering support that has been a beacon of hope for Yan Carlos and Mary Magdalena.

Personal gifts have provided life-saving medication, facilitated quarterly neurology appointments, and offered solace during moments of health crises. Your generosity has not only provided resources but also bestowed the strength and grace needed to endure such trying circumstances.

Today, Yan Carlos and many others like him are in dire need of your assistance. The medication necessary to manage his seizures costs $24.83 per month. Will you help support Yan Carlos and others like him on their journey to a better quality of life?

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