Community Development, Education and Initiatives

Partnerships are developed between CHHF and communities throughout the Dept. of Colón, Honduras, to make lasting changes for improved community health. Our Community Development Coordinator and on-site nurse work with community leaders, the municipality, school & the local government clinic staff to develop health improvement programs. In addition, CHHF assists with community initiatives to improve health outcomes.



Working in partnership with local leaders, the government clinic, the municipality, and the schools, programs are developed to:

  • Improve public health by increasing knowledge, and providing training.
  • Educate the community in the relationship between basic hygiene, and personal health, including COVID safety protocols. .
  • Demonstrate dietary issues related to hypertension, and diabetes.
  • Provide care and support for new mothers.
  • Provide pregnancy prevention classes within local high schools.

Educating Communities Breaks the Cycle of Poverty & Increases Health Opportunities

Commitment to Formal Education

Supporting Students' Educational Goals
To help break the cycle of poverty that plagues Honduras, education has been an integral part of the work of CHHF since its beginning. CHHF continues to support students working to achieve educational goals.


In memory of our friend and colleague, Dr. Eduardo Dubon, a scholarship fund has been developed to support a Honduran medical school student. 

Three recipients are now receiving scholarships to include university expenses and stipends. Click here to meet the recipients. 


You Can Help Change Lives in Honduras

Community Initiatives

Improving public health goes beyond education. It takes action!

CHHF is committed to helping the villages in the Dept. of Colón, Honduras, to increase their air quality through two special programs. Recycling and building household stoves with chimneys.

Improving Air Quality Through Recycling

The primary method of waste disposal in the village of Limón is the open burning of trash. With the many daily fires and a large number of plastics in the refuse, this becomes a major health issue. Asthma is a significant problem in the community and can be directly linked to the burning of trash in general and plastics in particular.


School children collect plastic bottles and metal cans throughout the village. CHHF has provided crushing machines for the school to bag for recycling. Funds from the recycling program help provide needed educational materials and supplies for the children.

Hornillas Project

Hornillas Can Save Lives! In much of the developing world, meals are cooked over open fires causing increased respiratory problems.

THE SOLUTION – teach the community safer cooking techniques, including Hornillas and smokeless stoves with chimneys.


Imagine The Simple Act of Cooking Harming Your Family

In remote villages in Honduras, electricity may not be available or even affordable. Most homes have an open-fired stove for cooking. Flames and smoke permeate the home, significantly contributing to respiratory issues, including asthma and chronic bronchitis. Daily cooking is a necessity, and now is the time to make that process safer for families in the community.

We Can Help!

CHHF has partnered with the Limón Community Leadership Team members to develop a systematic approach to begin building Hornillas in homes. However, the first step is additional community education to increase their willingness to learn how to cook a little differently.

This exciting project will have a great impact on the community. Are you interested in helping? Let us know!

Your Charitable Donation Improves Lives

Eleven-year-old Edwin was born with club feet. Unable to walk properly, the first time he arrived at a clinic, his feet were full of open wounds from being dragged. A generous donor made it possible to provide him with Personal Energy Transportation (PET). You can be a hero to a hurting child in Honduras today.