5 Great Things – May 2024

April Showers bring…. Babies (he he he)!!!  We are excited to welcome Gladis' daughter (photo top) to our growing Honduran ...
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HONDURAS IS UNDER A RED ALERTPoor Air Quality is Impacting Health! I've recently returned home from Honduras and wanted to ...
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Hello From Limón

I always appreciate the opportunity to write to you from Limón. Usually, I cozy up on a rocker and write ...
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National Day of Prayer

Sacred Connections:The Pulse of the Community Lift Up the Word - Lift up the World Today is the National Day ...
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5 Great Things – April, 2024

Have a few minutes?Take a look at 5 great things that have happened recently!!  A Father's Day SurpriseGladis was so ...
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Aslyn Needs Your Support

Aslyn is a 28-year-old woman living in Limón. She had polio when she was just a toddler, leaving her with ...
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Sacred Connections: The Pulse of the Community

Access to healthcare changes lives for today and into eternity. Today, let's ask the Lord to build up the people ...
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5 Great Things – March 2024

Have a few minutes?Take a look at 5 great things that have happened in Honduras!! A child would have died…. Mission ...
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On a balmy January evening, the fellowship hall at WUMC radiated warmth as mission-minded individuals gathered in support of the ...
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Yan Carlos Relies on Your Compassion

Soon to celebrate his 16th birthday, Yan Carlos has battled a seizure disorder since he was just 8 months old. ...
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