5 Great Things – May 2024

April Showers bring…. Babies (he he he)!!! 

We are excited to welcome Gladis’ daughter (photo top) to our growing Honduran staff! Born on May 9th, this girlie weighed in at 8.8 lbs. Both Mom and baby are doing great!!

AND then few days later, we were excited to welcome Nicholas Jonian (photo bottom) on May 14th! His father, Jonian has been helping with the mission since he was a boy, and we know this baby will follow in his dad’s, grandmother, and great grandmother’s footsteps one day. 

It will be a joy to watch these two grow up and serve the mission!!

Cooling Down After a HOT Week

When asked what he thought was a great thing, Roger went straight to talking about good food!!

Team Strange had a very challenging week of clinics because the heat and air pollution were at their worst. Once their labor was completed, they went for a relaxing dinner time in a small cafe in La Ceiba called Azul.

“Teams deserve to treat themselves for all their hard work, and we’re happy that they’re able to do that in La Ceiba, too!” Roger exclaimed.  

Checking Children’s Vision

Your support is amazing! Because of you, expanding services is a reality for the patients in Limón.

Gandy, one of our partners, was able to join the team and help provide vision checks for children in Francia. 

“It was so good to spend time with the children and talk about how important it is to take care of their eye health,” Gandy said. “One day soon, I know there will be more services to help the children who need glasses!”


Exciting Orphanage News

The orphanage is going to be a bustling, vibrant center full of children again very soon! 

The community has developed a group and some great resources to begin after school programming for community youth. The group includes Ingrid, who has the biggest heart for the orphanage and the children in the community.

So far 60 children have signed up for the snack/lunch/dinner and homework help program. Wi-fi has been installed and in the near future, they will have computers to help the children learn.

In addition, the group has secured funding for a child psychologist to aid youth having a difficult time in their lives. 

The community group has been very purposeful in utilizing the building for the good of the children in the community. 

We are looking forward to developing opportunities for mission team members to help the children with homework, visit the program with special health related information and even bringing the children on a field trip to the clinic to learn about preventative health. 

Wrapping children with as much support as possible lays the foundation for their future growth and development – and helps create a truly healthy community! 

Staff Joining the Team! 

There is something special about working for a strong mission organization, but you have to experience it in order to understand it fully. 

Patrick and Gandy (a newer Crusades staff member) were able to join the team earlier in the month to have their first mission team experience in Limón. 

Both will be writing you soon to tell you about their experience but watching them experience the joy and difficulty of serving the community was a truly wonderful week. 

Thanks to the Heather Strange Team for allowing us to join you!! 

One Team. One Mission: Continuity of quality care for the people in our community. 


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