Mission News from Honduras

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Heartbeats from Honduras – March Enews

By pwsadmin | Mar 25, 2023

Things start moving fast in March. Not only do we all gain more sunlight this month than any other this year, we are getting into the groove of this year’s schedule. We have 18 mission teams planned, with two days of telemedicine the weeks in between. That’s wonderful news for the people in Honduras!  Spring…

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Medical Care, Dental and Ophthalmology!

By pwsadmin | Mar 25, 2023

The Barnes/Johnson team was full of medical providers, two dentists, and an ophthalmologist! Their busy week included clinic days in Limón, Whispering Hope, Icoteas, and Plan de Flores. Together they served 788 patients with much needed medical, dental, and vision care. In addition, the team was able to distribute sunglasses and reading glasses. Co-leader Emily…

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Medical Equipment Needs Grow

By pwsadmin | Mar 15, 2023

Walkers, canes, transport chairs, wheelchairs, PETs. crutches – all vital medical equipment needs that require a lot of planning and expense to get from the US to Honduras to the patients coming to the clinics.  Board member Lou has worked for many years to ensure that medical equipment is available for the patients you care…

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T. Morgan Team Highlights

By pwsadmin | Mar 14, 2023

The Morgan team was the first team of the year with a dentist – which is an added blessing to any team. They saw 732 patients & distributed 110 reading glasses and a lot of sunglasses. They also distributed many bags of beans and rice. In Limón, 110 dental patients received needed extractions. Thanks to…

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New Appliances

By pwsadmin | Mar 10, 2023

The kitchen refrigerator spent the better part of last year leaking and was finally replaced in January. The old double deep freezer was not far behind and was replaced this week.  Just like in your house, there is always something to be replaced or repaired. In addition to the heat, the salty ocean air is…

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Importance of Continuity of Care

By pwsadmin | Mar 7, 2023

This sweet baby came to a telemed clinic last week. She was wheezing and congested. She hadn’t nursed in over a day. It’s so difficult when little ones just can’t tell us what is wrong! Nurse practitioner Emily was able to help! She completed a thorough exam using the Blue Tooth equipment available with our TytoCare…

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Altman Teams Warm Welcome

By pwsadmin | Mar 2, 2023

The Altman Team had a great trip!

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Be Our Valentine

By pwsadmin | Feb 14, 2023

Valentines of pink and red.Special words of kindness said, Small surprises, funny jokes,Paper hearts, and friendly notes. The best part of this happy day, Is that we get the chance to say,Today and for the whole year through, We are glad we have a friend like you!  You make the world a better place & we love you…

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Edwards/Westrich Team Highlights

By pwsadmin | Feb 7, 2023

The Edwards/Westrich Team arrived in Honduras on January 28th. Their journey through customs was difficult, but all their hard work paid off. Providing 5 days of clinic, the first brigade of the year traveled to Piedra Blanca, Icoteas, and Feo and spent two days in Limón. In total they saw over 750 patients and had…

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