Ortho Patients Need You

After a couple years we have finally been able to schedule time with Operation Rainbow to see 6 of our patients with orthopedic needs!

Four children and two adults have been waiting so long for help. Their issues differ a little, but each one suffers because of their medical problem. 

One patient in desperate need is Edwin Moises. 

Edwin has been a patient for many years, suffering from club feet. Because he could not walk, he pulled himself – dragging his feet, creating open sores on both. 

At his first visit, everyone remarked that it was a blessing he did not have any infected sores. 

Over the years, teams have provided primary medical care for Edwin. His sores have healed and not recurred. As he’s grown, he has needed three Personal Energy Transportation (PET) devices so he could be mobile without dragging his feet. And he and his family have the reassurance that when the time comes, he can go to an orthopedic specialist to receive help. 

That time is now! 

Can you imagine how much a young boy like Edwin longs to play like other children? 

He and others like him have waited years for help from Operation Rainbow – but transportation and lodging costs may prohibit them from going to their appointments at the end of October. 

You can help today by providing….

  • $21 fpr a patients to have food for a day of traveling
  • $43 for one night at a hotel in Tegucigalpa
  • $64 for transportation for one person 
  • $128 for transportation for a child and their parent 

You have the opportunity to help 6 patients get the care they desperately need when you donate today. Each patient needs transportation, at least one night at a hotel (but most will need three) and food while there.

Your gift will provide funds for as many patients as possible in our medical referral program. 

First name, can you see it in your heart to provide for those patients and others in desperate need?

Please click here to send a special gift today. 

For those hurting in Honduras, 

Gladis Aguiriano
Community Development Manager

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