Xiomara Dreams of Running…

Xiomara and her family live in the little village of Feo. Despite its name, the tiny village of almost 600 people is beautiful. But it is remote, and there is little access to medical care.

When she and her mother, Sulma, arrived at the mission clinic last September, they were hopeful for care for the open wounds on Xiomara’s left foot. You see, Xiomara was born with a club foot, and in
Honduras, it is not a priority to have fixed.

The only hospital providing a club foot is over eight hours away from Feo, and it is difficult to schedule an appointment. Even if they could get to an appointment, they knew it would most likely get canceled because of an emergency patient. The process was too difficult to manage.

Xiomara had learned to live with her club foot. But because walking was difficult, she dragged her foot, causing open wounds that did not heal. Last September, when Xiomara was seen by Dr. Edwads at a mission clinic, he knew it was time to step in and help. Completing a medical referral meant Sulma would have access to the orthopedic mission team and assistance with the funds needed.

The family knew they would receive help with transportation and a hotel, but they started saving
immediately so they would have the funds for food and other travel costs.

Last month, Xiomara and Sulma traveled over eight hours on a bus for a consultation. Unfortunately, before arriving to the hospital, Xiomara had developed a severe infection requiring multiple surgeries. She has already had two over the last couple weeks.

If the infection does not clear up, they have told Sulma they will need to amputate the foot. They must remain in the hospital for 6 to 8 weeks.

This is devastating! Sulma was not prepared for this complication. In addition to the emotional toll it is taking on the family, it is financially draining. Remember, hospitals in Honduras do not provide anything for their patients. The family is responsible for providing everything, including sheets, food, toilet paper, and medications. They saved a year just to have money for food for a week.

You are Xiomara and Sulma’s only hope.

Food alone will cost $31.15 a day. A room for Sulma to stay in is $84.84 per week. And the pint of blood needed for each surgery will be $141.40. Upon discharge there will also be a hospital fee adding to the pressure for the family.

A donation before December 15, 2023 will be doubled because of a generous matching donor. Will you help ease the burden for Sulma and other mothers like her?

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