Your Help Give Lifelong Relief

Early one morning, Eris and his mother, Yolibeth, left their village far into the mountains. They would journey further than he had ever gone before. After traveling over 6 hours, they arrived at the hospital in Trujillo. Never having been to a city, this 4-year-old was nervous!

His nerves turned to fear when he was separated from his mother for the first time. He did not understand what was happening. It was
unfamiliar and intimidating.

Unlike her son, Yolibeth was filled with confidence and gratitude. Her son was receiving a procedure to help him grow into a healthy man. She knew you were beside her, offering her help and strength.

In January, Yolibeth brought Eris to a mission clinic in Limón. She had been concerned but was reassured when the provider was able to complete a Medical Referral. She could relax. Because you support the program, she knew her son was getting the help he needed.

Imagine the relief Yolibeth felt when she knew you were there to prevent lifelong health complications for her child. You turn concern and fear into hope. Your support of the mission is providing a healthy future for Eris and many children like him, one they may not have without you.

You are appreciated!

Your donation today will ensure children like Eris will have the opportunity for the healthcare they desperately need and deserve. Make a life changing gift today at

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