2021 Mission Opportunities

In-person mission teams for 2021 have been cancelled. The rest of the mission year will be covered by Virtual Teams and individual Telemedicine.

A Virtual Team is a group of people who work together to provide clinics for 3-4 days. Two medical providers work am and/or pm shifts to see between 30-50 patients a day. Scribes, nurses for education and pharmacists are an important part of a virtual team!

Telemedicine shifts are scheduled throughout the month to staff the clinic for 3 hour shifts. If a provider prefers, clinics can be held for a special purpose including pediatrics, asthma, diabetes, and hypertension.

November Telemedicine

Medical providers and pharmacists are needed.

Click here for the shift schedule.

2022 Mission Team Opportunities

We are excited to return to Honduras next year with substantial covid-19 protocols in place. Teams will be significantly smaller than in previous years. If you are interested in a specific team, let us know! Even if they are full, they may end up needing your skills and enthusiasm.

Need More Info Before Committing to a Team?

Want an Inside Look at a Mission Team?

2022 Telemedicine Opportunities

Telemedicine for 2022 is currently being planned. Dates will be available as soon as possible.

Medical providers and scribes are welcome to be part of this exciting endeavor. Please let us know you are interested by filling out the Telemed Interest form below.


What a trip. I’m filled with so many emotions, and I’m honestly so grateful I was able to have this amazing experience with such a caring and compassionate group of people. I gained more from this medical mission trip than I could’ve ever imagined, and I’m blessed that I’m able to call you all my friends. Working alongside such a dedicated group of pharmacists, physicians, APPs, nurses, and other hardworking individuals to provide medical care to those in need is an extremely gratifying feeling, and I  hope our impact on the patients’ resonates for the months to come. The patient population of Honduras is overall so kind/appreciative, and I will never forget the meaningful  interactions (even if my Spanish is pretty atrocious). Honduras was also one of the most, if not the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited.

Mission Team Member

Our medical team in February 2012 took in over 922 patients, and gave out 2987 prescriptions in one week.  We treated 31 cases of malaria at our clinics in Limon, Icoteas, and La Danta! An AMAZING group… It was fantastic working with you all!

Paulo Y.
Mission Team Member from
Pasadena, CA

I will never tire of saying thank you.  I am grateful to God and to Cliníca Carolina for all you have done and are doing for my son.  I lost my oldest son to epilepsy.  I have been scared for the life of Jesser and I have felt desperate.  Now I trust that Jesser will get the help he needs.

Jesser's Mom
The Mosquito Coast, Honduras

Very grateful to receive consultation using telemed. There is nothing difficult. It is explained well and the doctor understands and helps you with your problem. If I'd tell others it's good to see the doctor using telemed.

Yessy Veronica
Patient, Limón, Dept. of Colón, Honduras


Imagine not being able to get your high blood pressure medicine because the closest pharmacy is 2 hours away. That's the reality for the people living in the mountain areas of Honduras. Having the correct medications available is vital to serving patients. There are no pharmacies in the rural, mountain regions served by CHHF. You can make it possible for patients to receive the life saving medications they need. Your donation today can help stock the pharmacy so when a sick child is in need, we have the ability to provide.

Make a donation today to ensure quality patient care.