Become a Minister of Healing

St. Francis said, “Preach the Gospel daily, use words if necessary.” When you give a gift to the Carolina
Honduras Health Foundation, you become a minister of healing. Through your support, CHHF brings skills and
knowledge, life-saving medications, relief of pain, hope, dignity and warm smiles to thousands of our Honduran
brothers and sisters each year.

Whether you have actually traveled those long, dusty roads to the remote areas where clinics are held, or have
supported the mission through prayer and financial support, you enable Hondurans living in the poorest
conditions access to diabetic, cardiac, thyroid and many other life-sustaining medications to year-round.

When the dirt roads wash out and the villages cannot be reached, your financial support provides medications. Now, during the pandemic, your support is vital to continuing the mission via telemedicine and clinics led by Honduran doctors.

Many may perish without the medications that you provide!

You make funding possible for the CHHF medical referral program, ensuring that our friends who need cataract surgery, pediatric heart surgery, orthopedic treatments, hospitalization for malnourishment or other care can be sent to
specialists for help. For the people of rural Honduras, these resources have been unheard of, unreachable, unaffordable. But no longer, thanks to you!

St. Matthew wrote that Jesus said, “I am telling you the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to
someone overlooked or ignored – the hungry, the sick, the orphaned – that was Me…you did it to Me.”

Your gifts large and small save lives! Please share your blessings with the people of Honduras through the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation.

Donate now. Your brothers and sisters in Honduras thank you!

God Bless You,
Gail Gillis
CHHF Board Member, Team Leader

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