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In January, Nery was anxiously awaiting the birth of twins. She dreamt of holding both babies in her arms, raising two beautiful children and watching them learn and grow. 

But on February 23, Nery gave birth to two boys and watched her dreams fade.

Both baby boys were born weighing 6 lbs; a great sign of health. When she looked at Mario Gael, she was overjoyed.

Then Mario David was born, and the room went quiet.

The baby was deformed. Mario David did not have eyelids and had cysts in his ears. Tears filled her eyes, and Nery felt desperate.

Nery and the babies live with her sister in the small village of Los Leones, about 90 minutes away from Whispering Hope, the CHHF clinic in Chapagua. Their family does not have much money, but they find strength from each other. They were immediately determined to do everything they could to help Mario David.

In July, Nery and her sister gathered up both babies. They took two buses and a moto taxi from their home in Los Leones to bring Mario David to a mission clinic. As soon as she saw his precious face, provider Vickie Glover knew she was looking at a child with Goldenhar syndrome, a rare congenital condition.

Vickie Glover cradles Mario David while she develops a plan to find medical care for his special needs.

Children with Goldenhar syndrome face a lifetime of challenges including heart defects, hearing loss, scoliosis, speech difficulties, and sleep issues. It takes strength to raise children in a small village with few resources. The challenge of raising twins, one with such a deformity, is seemingly impossible for the young mother. But she can do it with your help!

Arriving at the clinic, Nery felt relief for the first time since Mario David was born. She realized she was not alone. Nery needs you now and for many years to come. You are someone who cares about her and will walk with her side-by-side as she faces the challenges.

Bus fare, hotel, and food cost $163, almost a month’s salary, each time Nery and Mario David travel the 8 hours to Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa, the only option for pediatric treatment in Honduras. The expense is overwhelming. Imagine the despair Nery feels when she cannot provide the basics for her child’s care.

We spoke with Nery recently. She had been hopeless before coming to the clinic, but now she has confidence. “I love my baby very much, and I want him to have a wonderful life. I was not sure how I could provide for him before I met you,” she said. She has prayed for help and needs you now.

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As the holidays approach, Nery is awaiting another appointment at Hospital Escuela in Tegucigalpa. She is nervous for answers, but knows you are with her!

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