Importance of Continuity of Care

This sweet baby came to a telemed clinic last week. She was wheezing and congested. She hadn’t nursed in over a day. It’s so difficult when little ones just can’t tell us what is wrong!

Dra/ Ivis was pleased at how well the baby was doing a few days after being treated during Telemedicine.

Nurse practitioner Emily was able to help! She completed a thorough exam using the Blue Tooth equipment available with our TytoCare system. She was able to provide medication and gave the mom instructions to come back to the clinic in three days to be rechecked by an in-person mission team. Emily then sent the exam report to the incoming team, so they had all of the info. 

When the baby and her mom arrived at clinic just three days later, she was a new girl! All smiles and giggles, the medication was doing its job well. Emily was updated about her progress, and everyone was so pleased.

This is just a small glimpse of the quality care being provided because you have encouraged the mission to grow. You were there for this baby when she needed you!

Your donation today ensures hurting people have medical care available when they need it most. 

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