Children Are Left Hungry

Thousands of people in Honduras lost their jobs and income because of the pandemic. Back-to-back hurricanes this fall caused destruction, ruined crops, and killed livestock.

When families do not have enough to eat, parents must make difficult decisions.

Araceli’s family has been devastated by the job loss caused by the pandemic. She did laundry and her husband drove for Africa Palm Plantation. Neither have worked since April. Money is scarce, and so is food.

“One day, my toddler came to me, begging for food. I knew we did not have enough for everyone that day,” Araceli recalls. “But she was crying so I gave her the little tortilla mixed with bean soup we had left.”

Her 7-year-old son asked for food shortly after. With tears in her eyes, she only had to whisper, “entiendes” meaning, you understand. The only food she had was just fed to the baby. The boy would go without.

For mothers like Araceli and their families, you provide more than food. You provide the proper nourishment and growth. You are telling Araceli and other that you care and will share a portion of what you have so they can also live without suffering during these hard times.

This time of year, you and I are busy buying gifts for people we love. Often those gifts include special food or desserts. We know the value of feeding people and the love it conveys. We are blessed when we do not have to choose which person in our family will eat for the day.

Thank you for continuing to add people like Araceli to your gift list. Please donate now.

As 2020 comes to a close, I hope you are reminded what a blessing you are to the people of Honduras. Your continued support gives someone in remote Honduras the food they need to nourish all their children this week.

God bless for providing for those who need it most. I hope your holiday season brings peace of mind and promise of a great new year.

For Honduran families in need,
Christine Mitchell
Executive Director

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