A Long Road to a Great Outcome

I have to tell you an amazing story about Felix.

Felix was 12 when he arrived at the clinic in September 2019.   Julie Jordan, a Nurse Practitioner on the team, was concerned to find a large mass on his left of his neck. Writing a medical referral, she requested that he be sent for an ultrasound.

Funds from generous donors provided for the ultrasound and his transportation to the lab.  Felix and his mom returned to the clinic with the lab results and were seen by Dr. Wes Wallace in February of 2020. While not overly concerned, Dr. Wes consulted with Honduran Dr. Baison and both agreed the mass should be biopsied to ensure it was not malignant.

The process was interrupted by the pandemic. All travel and all medical appointments were delayed. A biopsy was not possible.  For over a year, Felix and his mother worried that the mass on his neck was a major health concern. Can you imagine the dread his mother felt every time she saw that lump on her beloved boys neck?

Finally in February 2020, Dr. Lon Morgan saw Felix via telemedicine and completed an updated evaluation. The mass had grown. A biopsy was now vital.

Support from caring people like you allowed Felix and his mother to make the four-hour trip on the bus several times to get the biopsy and have the results read by a specialist in the city of La Ceiba. Without that support, they would still be waiting and wondering almost two years later.

It was a benign mass!

Felix’s experience is just one of many incredible stories of the comfort you are giving to many in need in Honduras. It also highlights the teamwork between in-person teams, medical referrals and telemedicine. The system is working and your gifts are offering better healthcare for those in need.  

Without you, Felix and others would not have received the relief of his benign diagnosis. Without your generous support. Felix and his mother would still be living with dread, not knowing if the mass was life threatening.  

A donation today will ensure then next child walking through the doors will be provided the same quality of care as Felix. A monthly donation provides the stability necessary to maintain medical referrals and telemedicine – providing hope and relief to hurting people in rural Honduras.

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