Madison Needs Medical Care

Madison, currently battling malnourishment, was born a healthy, 7½ pound baby. She was a happy girl who met all milestones until she was 9 months old. At that time, Lara, her mother, started noticing changes in her daughter.

By the time Madison was 10 months old, she had stopped gaining weight. Shortly after, she had difficultly eating and her weight began to decrease.

In March of 2021, shortly after Madison’s one-year birthday, Lara took her to a pediatrician. The testing needed to fully diagnose Madison’s illness was too expensive. Her mom could not afford to further pursue her daughter’s health issues.

In July, Lara heard a medical mission team was coming to Chapagua. The doctor immediately knew Madison was in desperate need of medical care. The team provided funds to send Madison to the hospital and submitted a Medical Referral.

The support of generous donors enabled Madison to remain in the hospital until her health was stable enough to go home.

While in the hospital, Madison was diagnosed with malnutrition caused by reflux. When diagnosed early, the effects would not be so dire. But because Lara did not have access to medical care or money to pay for her daughter, Madison did not receive the needed medical care in time to correct the reflux before causing additional damage.

Madison and her mother travel 8 hours by bus every 21 days for treatment at the hospital in San Pedro Sula. Bus fare, hotel, and food cost $111 each time. The appointment fee is $37.68, but bus fare and hotel are necessary and
expensive. Because her health is so fragile, these appointments are vital to Madison’s growth and survival.

Unfortunate circumstances forced Lara and her two young children to move into her parent’s house. Her sister and her family also live in the home. Her brother-in-law is the only person in the household working, making $250 a month. Medical bills for Madison cost almost half of the family’s income.

You can give Madison a chance of a healthy childhood – donate today to ensure Madison and other children suffering like her are give a chance!

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