Older Adults in Honduras in Desperate Need

I am writing today because I have uncovered something upsetting. The elderly population in Honduras is suffering immensely during this time. The pandemic has separated families, and many older adults have been left on their own. Many cannot get on the bus to receive care or even afford food to get proper nutrition. And they are scared. I am writing because they need your help now.

Older adults living in remote villages in Honduras are so often overlooked. They are quiet about their needs. However, their needs are critical. Your financial support today will help them receive medical care and proper nutrition vital to their survival.

Let me tell you about Don Mingo.

Don Mingo is 82 years old. His wife, Doña Toñita is 78 years old. They have lived in Plan de Flores, a village a half-hour from the clinic, for their whole lives.

Don Mingo worked as a day laborer, taking whatever jobs he could. Many times they were back-breaking jobs. But Don Mingo never complained. Instead, he did what he needed to support his family.

As he aged, he could not keep up with the physical demands of the work. His back pain worsened, and he was eventually unable to work. He and Doña Toñita moved in with their only daughter and her family. Finally, Don Mingo had to use a wheelchair.

In 2020, everyone living in the house with Don Mingo became infected with Covid-19. Sadly, his daughter died from the virus. Shortly after, Don Mingo and Doña Toñita were told to find a new place to live.

Imagine being discarded, not knowing where you were going to live or how you would eat.

A nearby family has stepped up to help house Don Minga and Doña Toñita. They now live in a small room with a neighbor. But they have no other help. Neither can work. They do not have money for food or transportation to medical care.

Imagine working your whole life to provide for your family to find yourself sitting in a broken wheelchair, hoping help will arrive.

I was able to visit Don Minga and Doña Toñita last week. First, seeing Don Minga try to move in the broken wheelchair was heartbreaking. Then I noticed they did not have any food in their house. We need to help now!!

Older Adults Need Your Help Now!

Too many older adults in our villages find themselves in similar situations. Their families have been devastated by the pandemic, and they are left alone. They barely have money for food. They cannot pay for the medical equipment they need. They cannot pay for transportation or hospital fees, and they certainly cannot afford medication or nutritional supplements. Many in this remote area of Honduras rely on you to help them find relief.

A gift of only $12.15 will provide basic food for two for a week. A gift of $22.15, will provide protein and crucial nutritious food for a week. There are many like Don Minga and Doña Toñita needing your help today. Can I count on you to help pay for nutrition and medical needs for older adults in desperate need?

Your support continues to be a blessing to the neediest people in our community. Don’t wait. Please click here to donate now. You are a gift.

God bless,

Gladis Aguiriano
CHHF Community Development

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