Good Stewards

We strive to be good stewards. 

Friday evening, after a very busy Good Friday, I received a text from Gladis in Honduras. One of the children in the medical referral program was in the hospital in Trujillo and needed to be transported to the hospital in San Pedro Sula. His mother was scared and in desperate need of financial help. 

Even before she had the approval for the 10,000 lempira (roughly $400), Gladis had a game plan. It was Friday evening and a holiday. The banks were not open. Without hesitation, she borrowed money from very willing family members and friends to ensure that child was going to receive the best medical care.

Because God’s plans are perfect, Gladis was also visiting family and was close to the hospital in Trujillo so she was in the area to help. 

Remember, in Honduras there is no “we will invoice you.” If you need that ambulance, no matter how ill your child is, you must pay for it at the time of service. And as you know, $400 could be several months of pay for that family. 

Gladis also did everything she could to assure that mother she was not alone in the fight for her child’s care. You, me, Gladis – we were all there for her and with her every step of the way. 

That is the phenomenal part of being a vital supporter of medical care in Honduras. You are there for hurting and desperate patients every minute of every day. Because of your support, there was no question of whether that sick child and his scared mother were going to find help. It was there when they needed it most. 

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