Change a Child’s Life Forever

Today is the day you can change a child’s life forever.  Infant and childhood growth is a chronic issue in Honduras. One-third of children living in poverty in our villages struggle with stunted growth. One-half of the children suffer from related medical issues such as anemia. Children in the rural mountain communities are at the most risk for life-long consequences. You can improve the lives of children in the villages we serve. 

Sixteen-month-old Erika had not grown or gained weight in more than four months. She was becoming lethargic, not wanting to stand or walk. She stopped playing and just wanted to be held. “I have been so worried,” her mother, Juanita, said. “I have taken her to the government clinic many times. Nothing changed. I borrowed money to take her to a pediatrician, but the medicine and formula they prescribed cost much more than I could afford. I did not know what to do.”

Juanita brought Erika to a telemed clinic and received the help she was so desperate for. But help for one month will not solve the problem. Erika needs consistent help to grow healthy.

We have a solution, but we need your help! A monthly clinic to monitor growth and immediately intervene if a child is having an issue will prevent any other mother from the pain of watching their child suffer. With your support, children in Limón will grow! Imagine a future in Honduras where all children are healthy and can learn. Early childhood health is vital to their successful future. For only $5.17 a month, or $62.04 a year, you can ensure one child will be monitored for early detection of stunted growth. 

Too many infants in our villages are not properly growing. The long-term consequences are alarming. Erika’s mom Juanita pleads for your help. “Many children like my Erika are fighting. They need you to help them win,” she cried. 

Can I count on you today, First Name, to help so an deserving child grow?

Click here to start your monthly gift of:

$5.17 will monitor & help one child (only $62.04 a year)

$15.51 will monitor & help three children (only $186.12 a year)

$25.85 will monitor & help five children (only $310.20 a year)

A one-time gift will also be helpful (click here)!

A gift of $25.85 will monitor five children like Erika.

A gift of $51.70 will monitor ten children like Erika.

A gift of $103.40 will monitor twenty children like Erika.

Click here to help a Honduran child grow healthy now. 

Your support continues to be a blessing to the neediest people in our community. Don’t wait. Please donate now to help children in Honduras grow. 

God bless, 
Gladis Aguiriano 
CHHF Community Development 

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