Milton Will Walk Because of You!

Hurting people in Honduras need your help. 

The reality of it is the drastic price hikes and supply chain interruptions we have in the United States are also having a significant impact on Honduras as well. 

Job opportunities have decreased. People had less healthcare during the early part of the pandemic and they have been ill longer. Food is scarce and what can be found is more expensive than ever. Your donation today can ease the burden for people in need of medical care. 

Little Milton will walk because of you!

The child was brought to an in-person mission team with a severe wound on his foot. As reported from a team member who was down the hall, there was a lot of screaming when the wound was being cleaned and cared for. 

Because it was so severe, the provider arranged for the Honduras nurse to visit Milton’s home a few times before the next in-person team arrives. There was concern about infection and proper healing. 

Nurse Shanaya has made visits. And each time we receive a photo and a note that says “Mucho Mejor” or “Much Better.”

What a blessing for Milton to be so well taken care of. Without the assistance of caring providers, this child could have lost his leg. 

Continuity of care is vital to providing the best medical care we can. Having your support for an in-country nurse is also important. For only $22, you can make sure there is a nurse available between in-person mission teams to follow-up with patients. 

You continue to provide hope for those who desperately need care. Your prayer, support, and concern make a difference every day.  

Please make a gift today to continue to care for children like Milton. Their future may just depend on it. 

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