Special Needs Children in Honduras

Children like Dilan need special help.

Dilan has albinism, a rare condition in Honduras. There is little assistance for his parents to learn how to care for his specific needs. The cost and availability of products Dilan needs is overwhelming for his parents. Sunscreen is expensive and long sleeved shirts with UV protection are a rarity.

Like Dilan, children in Honduras with special needs often go without. You can help now.

When Dilan was seen at the clinic this spring, the provider noted his special needs. She knew his family could not provide appropriately. She contacted the next team asking them to bring sunscreen and some special clothing for him. They did, and his family was overwhelmed.

Every gift that reaches a child in Honduras proves they are not forgotten. It shows their parents there are good people willing to help. Your gift not only fills a need, it provides hope. 

Children like Dilan have a difficult time. Your donation will help when a Honduran family does not have the resources or education to properly care for a child’s special needs. 

Dilan’s needs are not going to go away, and with your support we will watch him grow and thrive. You are a hero to children like Dilan!

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