Malnourished Infants Need You

Leticia is a young, single mom from Limón county. She struggles to take care of herself and her child with little assistance from anyone. She lacks essential resources, both educationally and financially, to take care of her family.

When Leticia comes to an in person or telemedicine clinic in Limón, she finds the support she needs. Education and help are ready for her.

Leticia and her daughter returned home with ingredients to cook a rich, nutritious meal of rice and beans. She receives information and encouragement regarding breastfeeding. Vitamins are provided for both. Leticia is also given baby formula with instructions on properly mixing it without watering it down to make it last longer.

This support helps both Letitia prevent malnourishment and its effects for her and her daughter.

There are hundreds of other young women in the same situation in Honduras. Intervention for malnutrition must be consistent. It is vital to have a dependable source of help. Your monthly support will ensure no other young, single moms will struggle alone.

For only $15.51 per month, you can ensure 3 infants will have the help they need to grow. Can we count on you to be the solution and end the suffering malnutrition causes?

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Leticia and her daughter at clinic
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