Jeremy Needed You

The call finally came. Two years of waiting. Two years of a mother holding her breath, hoping her child’s heart condition did not worsen. After the long wait, the call finally came.

Jeremy presented with valve insufficiency and a constriction of the aorta. The only way to correct the issue was with heart surgery in Tegucelgapa. The family waited over two years for a surgery date. When the call came, they had to act immediately.

Jeremy is healing well!

You were there for Jeremy and his mom! Your gift supporting the medical referral program provided transportation, food, and lodging. Your support allowed the additional hospital stay needed to ensure Jeremy was ready to travel the long 8-hour ride home.

“I cannot thank you enough,” Jeremy’s mom said. “Knowing I can turn to you for help is a gift from God. I hope you are all as blessed.”

You are giving hope in Honduras all the time!

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