You Help Claudia Grow Healthy!

When Claudia was first seen buy a medical mission team, she was extremely tiny for her age. She had very little body fat and appeared malnourished. Without the ability to do appropriate testing, the doctor wrote a medical referral for nutritional supplements.

Initially, having access to nutritional supplements seem to be working. Claudia gained weight and became more active. And then the pandemic lockdowns began.

Honduras had strict travel restrictions. As a result, it was impossible to provide medication or nutritional assistance to any patient. As soon as the restrictions relaxed, community development manager Gladys visited Claudia and her family.

Claudia in 2019

Gladys was heartbroken by what she found. Claudia had lost a shocking amount of weight. However, because of your generosity, Gladys was able to provide the family with nutritional supplements as well as basic nutritional food such as beans and rice.

Your consistent support allows Claudia to continue receiving the nutritional assistance she needs to grow into a healthy, thriving young lady. She has a future because you care enough to continue to help. You are not only providing health; You are giving hope and dreams for a bright future. Your gifts are priceless.

“She has grown and filled out so well. She looks like a million bucks!” wrote Dr. Fran Kunda after seeing Claudia during clinic this year.

Claudia in Rio Miel, 2022
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