Hello From Limón

I always appreciate the opportunity to write to you from Limón. Usually, I cozy up on a rocker and write from the porch. But today, since it is 95°, I’m cozied up in the nicely cool pharmacy.

This is my 10th mission trip since I started with the organization in 2019. In the little over 5 years, the mission has weathered so much change – but all of it has led to better patient services. I’m not sure about you, but I believe that is because of your passion and dedication to the mission. 

This year, as I drive through Tocoa, it was littered with new fast-food restaurants and brand-new stores. “Progress” is seeming to move into our community in Honduras. While is sounds good, progress also brings increased costs to everything – including healthcare. 

Our patients are still unable to find gainful employment and live on less than $5 a day. People living in the remote villages of Colon cannot afford the increase price of transportation, medications, specialty medical care, and now the government hospital. Progress is going to make it more difficult for them. 

Can I count on you to continue to be there for the people in our community? They need you more now than ever.  Click here to donate today.

I will be in Limón all week and I promise that I will write again to let you know how your commitment is impacting the community and their health and well-being. If there is anything in particular you are interested in (or any special people or places you’d like photos of, please do not hesitate to email me!

A Glimpse of the Past

I was so excited to find old photos and a 2009 CHHF Newsletter when I was cleaning out cabinets at the clinic the other day. Never fear – I will share that email soon! 

But here’s a special picture I found. It doesn’t have a year or who the people are, but It struck me how excited everyone in the photo looks – just like the team looked today as they were heading out to Punta Piedra!

You’re caring for the community and the people hurting in Honduras makes all the difference in the world! 

Our Staff At Work
You have helped make a difference in your community! See how your support has impacted the world around you:

Ben is always around the clinic to lend a helping hand. Even if that means mixing cake with his big muscles!!  Click here (or on the video link) to watch him step in and mix up some brownies for the team.

Our friends in Honduras are dedicate! Interpreter Jessi is making sure her son Samuel is ready to interpret at the clinic as soon as he can walk. Click here (or on the video link) to watch Samuel’s English lesson for the day!!

A Few Photos of Today at the Clinic

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