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The CHHF medical mission is an on-going healthcare program for patients in the Department of Colon in Honduras.  We rely exclusively on volunteers to provide the staffing levels needed to support this work with 19 teams each year serving our clinics. Our main clinic in Limón is located on front beach and includes the housing for team members.

A typical team includes:

  • A Team Leader who coordinates the trip.  This leader can also serve in one of the below-listed capacities.
  • Doctor, Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner – usually 2-4 per team.
  • Dentist, Dental Hygienist – one or more
  • Ophthalmologist or Optician
  • Pharmacist – at least one trained pharmacist and one assistant
  • Nurse, CNA, EMT – usually 2 or more
  • Some teams include non-medical volunteers who conduct programs in the community or complete planned construction projects.
  • Having a minister on the team is always desirable.

Team Information

This section includes basic information for those who might be interested in volunteering for one of our medical mission teams. In addition information is provided under separate tabs to provide our team schedule for the current year and information and forms for team leader use. Click below for:

I have so many incredible memories from this trip. The most memorable story I can think of is this – a very underweight baby came into the clinic for a check up. We weighed the baby and she was only 5 pounds at 7 days old. We asked mom how many times she was feeding her baby, and mom calmly said “I don’t know, maybe 2-3 times per day”. We educated mom at length about breastfeeding, we watched her feed the baby and even had to coach her with that. We asked that the mom bring the baby back in the next day for a weight check. She didn’t come back. I just have to hope that that sweet baby is feeding well and gaining weight. I also hope that mom felt empowered by our education and demonstration.



The attachment below will answer many of the questions asked of us about work in Honduras.

Please join us on an upcoming mission trip or form your own team to go to our clinics in Honduras.  If interested contact us by clicking on the following button.

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