Hello from Limón

Good evening from Limón.

It’s not often I get to say that, but tonight I am grateful to be sitting on the porch, overlooking children playing on the beach, and listening to a chatty family pick fruit from a nearby tree.

It’s the perfect kind of night here in Honduras.

I’m here between teams to get some special work accomplished. David and I will be spending time with all of the Honduran staff this week to provide training and team building.

It’s an exciting opportunity for everyone. Training and team building are new for our staff. We were able to start in 2019 and in 2020, but then the pandemic interrupted our efforts. And while we tried with Zoom, it just wasn’t the best way to work to build our team.

I am sure you agree that our staff are exceptional people who work so hard to serve the mission!

We do, too! It is so important to invest in our people power. And as the mission grows, we want our staff equipped to handle the different roadblocks and opportunities that arise.

Adaptability is one of their super powers. It’s has been truly amazing to watch them come together to get any job done, in good and difficult times. As we build on their strengths, we do so to serve our volunteers and our patients better.

So what’s happening this week? Communication, processes, and team building are on the agenda. We will also review the procedures we have in place and make sure to update them as needed.

I know, it sounds like every other staff training – a little boring. But when it comes to working with this fantastic group, the days are quick and full of laughter. And at the end, there is always great work product.

Make sure you “like” us on Facebook. I promise I will post photos and videos of staff at work this week.

And if I could ask, please keep these special people in your prayers. They continue to work to support the mission, the volunteers, and the community every day!

Blessing from the porch –


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