Welcome Healthy Boy!

“If it were not for Dr. Dan and the team, my grandson would not have been born a healthy and my daughter could have died,” exclaimed Bexa, the clinic cook, as she showed me the photo of the new baby.

“I thank God every day for the work everyone does for the people in my community and my family.”

This was certainly not how I expected to start our annual staff meeting in Honduras, First name, but it was certainly heartwarming!

It is becoming more common for a team member to come equipped with an ultrasound machine that works with their smart phone. It’s a blessing when a team brings one because they can provide important ultrasounds for patients in the medical referral program.

And, of course, every pregnant lady for miles around shows up to “see” their baby and hopefully to find out the gender! A portable ultrasound is quite the gift!

When Dr. Dan came with the ultrasound in August, he was greeted with a lot of excitement.

Bexa was first in line! Her daughter was having a difficult pregnancy and she was worried about her. She was scheduled to have a caesarean on August 24th, but it was only the 13th and Bexa felt something was wrong.

Fortunately Dr. Dan was able to provide the ultrasound the next day. He was extremely concerned about the lack of amniotic fluid and made plans to send her to the hospital immediately.

“They had to cancel someone’s surgery when my daughter came in,” Bexa explained. “It was an emergency. Because she was leaking fluid, the baby needed to be born. The baby would have died if Dr. Dan was not there for him.”

Such a happy ending is just a blessing! First nameI’m happy to report both mother and baby boy are home and doing just fine. Hopefully we will receive some photos to update everyone throughout the year.

I am grateful to report such a happy outcome, and I am grateful for the team and their commitment to serving patients in desperate need.

The medical referral program helps pay for ultrasounds when there is not one available at the clinic. Patient need for referrals is at an all-time high this year. We are already over the budgeted amount for referrals in 2022. We cannot turn patents away. We need your help to continue providing for those in need.

In Honduras, a typical ultrasound costs 1,000 lempira, or $40.30. Can we count on you to make a gift today to make sure the funds are available for the next person in desperate need of an ultrasound?

Your continued care of patients in rural Honduras is amazing. I am grateful we can count on you.

Dr. Dan performing an ultrasound in August, 2022
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