You Build Smiles

How, you ask? Because you provide the best tools at just the right time.

Four years ago, Aracely brought her son Javier to the clinic. Told by local doctors there was nothing to do; she was desperate to find someone to give her help and hope.

Javier was three years old. He could not hold his head or a bottle to feed himself. People with cerebral palsy can overcome challenges, but Javier’s family lacked the knowledge and tools and help him.

You stepped in with your toolbox overflowing with support and generosity. You gave Javier better nutrition and provided physical therapy. You taught Aracely how to continue exercises at home. You encouraged his dad to build a stander to help strengthen his core muscles. You gave his family everything they needed to make a better life for this special boy.

Today, Javier is thriving. His laughter and enthusiasm are contagious. While still nonverbal, he can attend kindergarten. He has learned to identify colors and is learning to draw shapes and count. He is independent and continues to work diligently to walk on his own.

Because of your gift, Javier smiles at his accomplishments. He and his family are confident in his future. You are building an excellent future for Javier and many children like him. 
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