You Provide a Lifeline

Ian and his mom Senia are learning and growing because of the comprehensive care they are receiving. They are reporting terrific results!

When mission team providers met Ian in February, they knew he was having health issues. At 11 months, he only weighed 14 pounds. Sadly, that is the weight of an average 3-month-old.

The team swiftly moved into action, providing the immediate care Ian needed. Lab tests and consultations led to sending him to the hospital for treatment. They also referred Ian to the Medical Referral Program.

In the rural areas of Honduras, many patients need help finding correct specialists, gaining phone access to make calls, and even navigating how to arrange transportation.

The Medical Referral Program does more than just provide funds to access medical care. Patients receive individualized assistance to navigate their needs for as long as they need help.

Senia is a young mother and needs to learn in a supportive environment. Because Ian is part of the Medical Referral Program, Senia receives weekly calls from our nurse to see if she has any questions. She receives non-dairy formula and other essentials to help as Ian grows. Most importantly, she is given the encouragement and support to follow Ian’s treatment plan.

Thank you for being there every day providing a lifeline for many patients during a difficult time.

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