5 Great Things – March 2024

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Take a look at 5 great things that have happened in Honduras!!

A child would have died…. 

Mission teams are always at the right place at exactly the right time!

When asked, Gladis said hands down the best part of the last month was when a young boy came into the clinic in Limón with stomach pains. The providers knew it was an appendicitis & stabilized him until a ride to the hospital could be arranged. 

The boy had emergency surgery that evening. “The doctor told the mom if he didn’t have surgery, he would have died,” Gladis noted. “It’s always the best feeling to know you are there when someone needs help the most.”

Increasing Technology for Staff

Training our staff in Honduras to become computer literate will be much easier with this gift – a new desktop computer and printer! 

“It will make it easier for me to create teaching pages for diabetic patients,” said nurse Shanaya. “And now we can all email!”

It’s our goal to teach every staff person in Limón how to email and how to access the forms teams complete so they have all of the information they need when they need it. 

We are all so grateful for the opportunity to have a better trained workforce. It will strengthen the mission, and the community!

Providing Better Nutrition

Mission teams are finding new ways to raise money to purchase rice and beans for malnourished patients. It is already been a blessing this year!

Every team serving the clinic in 2024 so far has been able to provide rice and beans. Their creative ways to raise the funds are inspiring – bake sales, individual email campaigns, and workplace giving are just a few. 

Knowing our patients are taken care of wholistically is important, and the energy teams take to provide is appreciated.

A Shared Mission Is Evident

When asked what has been the best part of his first month at CHHF, our newest staff team member Pat said.

“I think the coolest thing is that despite volunteers and board members hailing from various parts of the US, everyone has fostered a sense of unity like that of a tight-knit family and it’s all because of being driven by a shared mission to provide healthcare to Honduran families”

Your camaraderie and sense of belonging are what makes the mission so successful. We appreciate you every day! 

Climate Controlled Medicine Storage a Great Addition

When the decision was made to begin sending down all the medications for the teams, we knew there needed to be climate-controlled storage. 

Great volunteers took an old container and transformed it into a well-insulated, well lit, and now climate-controlled medication storage unit. 

Roger noted what a blessing this is for teams and patients! It is now easier for teams to focus more on recruiting and planning for patient care and patients will benefit from the consistent supply of quality, well-stored medicines. 

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