5 Great Things – April, 2024

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Take a look at 5 great things that have happened recently!!

A Father’s Day Surprise
Gladis was so excited to find a special gift for the Dad’s on our staff for Honduran Father’s Day last month.
We love to celebrate, and Father’s Day was no exception. We know that the same traits that make them all great dads make them great teammates!  

Increased Focus on Nutrition
 Many of our families in Honduras suffer from food insecurity. Parents will often have to choose between which children will have meals every day. 

Every team this year has been able to provide rice and beans for patients who are in desperate need of proper nutrition to heal. It has been such a blessing.

“Watching families receive the gift of nutrition is priceless,” said nurse, Shanaya. “The excitement on the children’s faces show as much as the relief on the mom’s faces. We are so grateful to have teams willing to fundraise and bring such important gifts to families.” 

 April began our President’s Challenge – where every donation up to $10,000 will be tripled to help THREE times as many deserving patients in Honduras.  We are at 62% of our goal – and with your help today (click here), we could exceed that goal.  Patients like Aslyn (click here to read her story) rely on your help when they have a medical crisis. Your help now will give the gift of hope to so many.  Share the link and invite your friends and family to donate, which will be TRIPLED this month!  Visit the President’s Challenge to see the progress made towards the goal!!  

Telemedicine Continues to Make a Difference “I remember when there were only a few teams a year. The difference they made was so important. But now, having 18 teams and telemedicine between them, you are providing more than my community could have ever hoped for.” Douglas said.

Douglas should know. He has worked for the mission for over 25 years. He is our historian, and also our guide – reminding us so often to continue to work hard to help the community health and wellness.  Telemedicine continues to support medical care for patients when teams are not in the area. Your willingness to think outside-the-box continues to help so many people! 

One Team. One Mission. Even though we send 18 different “teams” to Honduras, we really are one team with the same mission and goal – to provide the best ongoing medical care to the people in Colón, Honduras. When the Barnes Team was in Limón, they had a boy come in with a knee split open. They stopped counting the number of stitches because it was just too overwhelming! But they DID snap a lot of photos to send to the next team.

When the Colby Team saw that young man, they were pleased to see how well the wound had healed in just 10 days. They were able to remove the stiches and do an ultrasound to ensure there was no additional issues. They also remembered to take pictures to send back to the Barnes Team so they could have closure on that patient. 

One Team. One Mission: Continuity of quality care for the people in our community. 

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