Aslyn Needs Your Support

Aslyn is a 28-year-old woman living in Limón. She had polio when she was just a toddler, leaving her with many life-threatening problems. She is the size of a 7-year-old and cannot speak, walk, or sit up.

When Aslyn came to the clinic earlier this month, she clearly struggled to breathe. The provider believed she had pneumonia, and she needed to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Imagine having to travel over two hours with your child struggling to breathe.

Aslyn is well taken care of by her family, but there are things they cannot prevent. With her longstanding inability to move, Aslyn also faces bed sores and urinary tract infections.

“We do all we can to care for our special girl,” Aslyn’s mother said. “It is difficult to watch her suffer. We are grateful when you can help us make her well.”

Fortunately, the team was there for Aslyn. But her medical journey continues. Her disabilities will continue to create challenges she will need help to overcome. Aslyn and others like her in Honduras need your help. Can they count on you?

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