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Medical Care Missions

We provide medical care for the impoverished in Honduras

Imagine being ill and having to walk for hours to seek medical care from a government clinic; and once you arrive at the clinic only a nurse is available and the clinic has very little medicine, and likely not what you need.  Imagine going to the hospital for surgery and having to bring all your surgical supplies and medicine before the operation can begin.  This is the situation for many in Honduras. 

To help fill this healthcare gap, our many volunteers fill the void by making trips from all over the country and serving on short-term medical teams throughout the year which ensures continuity of care. These doctors and nurses provide medical care for all who come and they dispense the life-savings medicines needed.

CHHF Medical Care Clinics

The area served by CHHF clinics stretches along the Caribbean Mosquito Coast and inland to nearby mountains. This includes the village of Limón, 23 hamlets, and a rural area encompassing 633.4 square kilometers. In 2014 CHHF began serving an additional 16 hamlets in the Chapagua area near Trujillo, with a population of about 6,000. Because three clinic facilities is not enough; volunteer teams travel to distant villages and set up clinics in schools or churches.

As the second poorest country in the Americas, Honduras has limited medical care throughout the country; vast areas have little access to general medical care and no access to specialized services. With a population in excess of 8 million, 64 percent live in poverty ($2 per day per person) and 36 percent in extreme poverty. In the areas served by the CHHF, the percentage living in extreme poverty is even higher.

CHHF Medical Facilities

Limón Clinic – This is the primary clinic with medical, laboratory, dental, pharmacy, and ophthalmic equipment.  In addition living facilities are provided for volunteer teams.  Early each morning patients line-up and wait to be seen by the medical volunteers; some have walked for hours.

Icoteas Clinic – This clinic is located 12.4 miles from Limón along dirt roads, taking approximately 45 minutes to travel from Limón.  This small clinic serves an indigenous population living in nearby villages and along the coast or inland into the mountains.


Whispering Hope Clinic – Located in Chapagua, this clinic serves a large population living in 16 nearby villages.  Serving mostly Hispanic populations, the clinic is providing services within an area normally overlooked by the government. 


Remote Village Clinics

Many volunteer teams will travel from Limón to serve people nearer where they live.  Setting up clinics in schools, churches or under a shade tree, teams will travel many miles so that the patients can receive medical care


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Clinic at Church in Plan de Flores

Clinic at school in Piedra Blanca

Triage under a shade tree

Remote Clinic Pharmacy

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