Mission News from Honduras

Women taking care of a boy with a severe wound on his foot

Milton Will Walk Because of You!

By pwsadmin | Jun 16, 2022

Hurting people in Honduras need your help.  The reality of it is the drastic price hikes and supply chain interruptions we have in the United States are also having a significant impact on Honduras as well.  Job opportunities have decreased. People had less healthcare during the early part of the pandemic and they have been…

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a little girl Erika in the village

Change a Child’s Life Forever

By pwsadmin | May 26, 2022

Today is the day you can change a child’s life forever.  Infant and childhood growth is a chronic issue in Honduras. One-third of children living in poverty in our villages struggle with stunted growth. One-half of the children suffer from related medical issues such as anemia. Children in the rural mountain communities are at the most risk for…

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video call to a little boy admitted to the hospital

Good Stewards

By pwsadmin | Apr 4, 2022

Because of your support, there was no question of whether that sick child and his scared mother were going to find help. It was there when they needed it most. 

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Carolina Honduras Health Foundation World Health Day Banner

World Health Day 2022

By pwsadmin | Apr 1, 2022

WORLD HEALTH DAY 2022 is April 7!Everyone deserves healthcare. You can help provide for those in need. Thousands of people in Honduras do not have access to reliable, consistent healthcare. Join us to provide for those most in need. Your support provides comprehensive services to rural communities in the Dept. of Colón, Honduras. Prevention, education, primary care,…

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Stefany after surgery

Nine-year-old Stefany in Need

By pwsadmin | Mar 24, 2022

Stefany is a 9-year-old girl from the little village of Aguana. Stefany was hit by a car while walking alone down the street. The car left her, bleeding and severely injured, without stopping. Her family rushed her to a hospital. The hospital saved Stefany’s life, but her legs were scarred and disfigured. Her incision had…

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Honduran Schoolchildren

Reopening Schools in Small Villages

By pwsadmin | Mar 15, 2022

Honduran schools are trying to reopen! Students in Honduras have gone without formal schooling for two years now. For a system where it takes an average student over 9 years to finish first through sixth grades, this puts them at an even greater disadvantage. For our students who live in the mountain villages, this is…

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a man and a woman preparing a sweet dish

Myra’s Flan

By pwsadmin | Mar 9, 2022

There is always so much work to do during a medical mission. Preparing for clinic is the first responsibility for the team. That’s why it is always special when a team member can sneak away and do something a little different. Spending some time in the kitchen in Limón is always a treat. On her…

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International Women’s Day 2022

By pwsadmin | Mar 8, 2022

Join us in celebrating the hundreds of strong women who have been vital in building the mission over the last 28 years. Despite failures – you have stood up. Despite sorrow – you’ve smiled and brought relief. Despite pain – you’ve continued to show up and work hard. We know if we could see into…

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Don Mongo in Wheelchair

Older Adults in Honduras in Desperate Need

By pwsadmin | Mar 3, 2022

I am writing today because I have uncovered something upsetting. The elderly population in Honduras is suffering immensely during this time. The pandemic has separated families, and many older adults have been left on their own. Many cannot get on the bus to receive care or even afford food to get proper nutrition. And they…

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