Poster of an old a man wearing cap with a green background

Heartbeats from Honduras – March Enews

Things start moving fast in March. Not only do we all gain more sunlight this month than any other this ...
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Coconut trees on an island with leaves

Medical Care, Dental and Ophthalmology!

The Barnes/Johnson team was full of medical providers, two dentists, and an ophthalmologist! Their busy week included clinic days in ...
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A woman in a wheelchair wearing an orange shirt

Medical Equipment Needs Grow

Walkers, canes, transport chairs, wheelchairs, PETs. crutches - all vital medical equipment needs that require a lot of planning and ...
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A group of people standing in line

T. Morgan Team Highlights

The Morgan team was the first team of the year with a dentist - which is an added blessing to ...
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A digital banner with an image of a refrigerator

New Appliances

The kitchen refrigerator spent the better part of last year leaking and was finally replaced in January. The old double ...
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A cute little baby with purple color flower clips

Importance of Continuity of Care

This sweet baby came to a telemed clinic last week. She was wheezing and congested. She hadn't nursed in over ...
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A group of children holding balloons

Altman Teams Warm Welcome

The Altman Team rode into the little village of Rio Miel expecting a busy clinic day. A medical mission team ...
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Be Our Valentine

Valentines of pink and red.Special words of kindness said, Small surprises, funny jokes,Paper hearts, and friendly notes.The best part of this ...
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A group of people posing for a picture

Edwards/Westrich Team Highlights

The Edwards/Westrich Team arrived in Honduras on January 28th. Their journey through customs was difficult, but all their hard work ...
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Holiday Cards - Carolina Honduras Health Foundation

Donations in Lieu of Gifts

4 Powerful Reasons You Should Donate in Your Loved Ones Honor as a Holiday Gift This time of year is ...
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