A Special Video

Williamsburg United Methodist Church has been supporting the mission for many years. We appreciate all they do for the people ...
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Malnourished Infants Need You - Carolina Honduras Health Foundation

Malnourished Infants Need You

Leticia is a young, single mom from Limón county. She struggles to take care of herself and her child with ...
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a little boy in the bed with nasal cannula

Jeremy Needed You

The call finally came. Two years of waiting. Two years of a mother holding her breath, hoping her child’s heart ...
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Claudia in Rio Miel Carolina Honduras Health Foundation

You Help Claudia Grow Healthy!

When Claudia was first seen buy a medical mission team, she was extremely tiny for her age. She had very ...
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two women and three men smiling

Your Investment at Work

Developing a medical student scholarship in memory of Dr. Eduardo Dubon is an investment in the healthcare system in Honduras. ...
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Women at Helping Babies Breathe Training

Helping Babies Breathe Training

Education is empowering. It is a gift you can give that will have a lasting effect on a person, their ...
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a person showing a picture of a baby on a phone

Welcome Healthy Boy!

"If it were not for Dr. Dan and the team, my grandson would not have been born a healthy and ...
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Close up of a coconut tree and a sea in the background

Hello from Limón

Good evening from Limón. It's not often I get to say that, but tonight I am grateful to be sitting ...
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International Day of Friendship Celebration Collage

Celebrate International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship is celebrated on July 30th every year. But we think friendship is so important, we should ...
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a woman sitting with a special needs child

Special Needs Children in Honduras

Children like Dilan need special help. Dilan has albinism, a rare condition in Honduras. There is little assistance for his ...
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